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Keep the Oil in the Soil! Help Save Yasuní National Park!

Please support the YASunidos movement, and help volunteers meet their goal: 600,000 signatures by April 2014 to call a national referendum on oil drilling in Yasuní National Park. (Click here for more information.)

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More information about the YASunidos campaign

The Ecuadorian government recently voted to open up Yasuní National Park to oil drilling. The park is the most biologically diverse region in the world and home to some of the last indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation. Their lives are in acute danger.

To save Yasuní, young Ecuadorians have organized and launched the YASunidos initiative and are collecting signatures for a nationwide referendum so that Ecuador can decide by popular vote whether to protect Yasuní, or exploit the oil in its reserves.

The YASunidos volunteers are counting on your support to meet their goal: 600,000 signatures by April 2014.

Find more information at http://yasunidosinternacional.org or follow Yasunidos Guardians on Facebook.

Download the Age of Yasuní game on your smartphone

If you’re looking for a cool way to spread the word, you can download the game Age of Yasuní right here. It takes you to some of the most threatened hot spots, from the sands of the North Sea to the tributaries of the Niger Delta. You play as a local leader protecting traditional land from oil drilling. And then you can donate through the game, too.

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