You can book your place to visit the South Hebron Hills with Yachad on Thursday 13th April 2017 below. The price per adult is £45 and per child or student £25. The costs include all ground transportation (bus), as well as a Kosher for Pesach fish/vegetarian lunch. The timings for the day are as follows:

9am Tour will depart from either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, depending on where the majority of participants are based

10.30am Arrive at South Hebron Hills to begin tour (will include meeting with a Palestinian resident of the village of Susiya and a break for lunch).
3pm Leave South Hebron Hills
4.30pm Arrive back at start location

Further details will be sent to you in an email on reciept of your payment. If you have any questions please email In order for Yachad day trips to run we need a minimum of 8 participants, so we ask you to commit as early as possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds for non-attendance.

South Hebron Hills

The South Hebron Hills region is one of the most rural areas of the West Bank. Most of its Palestinian residents live in temporary structures, subsisting on farming and grazing of flocks, with high rates of deprivation. The tour highlights the difficult situation in the region and the complex relationship between Palestinians, settlers, and the IDF. We will be guided by a tour guide from Breaking the Silence, an organisation of former IDF veterans.
Please Note: Yachad's Public Liability insurance covers our day trips to the West Bank and East Jerusalem. It is your responsiblity to ensure your travel insurance covers you whilst you are in the West Bank and East Jerusalem
Please let us know which city you will be travelling from (if you know this information). The trip will depart from either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, depending on where the majority of participants will be travelling from. We will also try to coordinate car shares to reach the start location if participants are travelling from the same locations.

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