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Money shouldn’t be able to buy you access and influence. We have the right to know what deals are happening behind closed doors. Please help us clean up politics by donating to our Follow the Money campaign.

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Follow the Money


Our democracy still has a money problem.

Money can buy you access to policymakers, get you into the right meetings, and can even influence who gets elected. Those with the deepest pockets have the loudest voices.

One of the biggest challenges is that we simply don’t know about much of what goes on behind closed doors in government. It’s only when there is a scandal that we see beneath the surface. With Follow the Money, we want to make that influence visible - whether it’s party donors paying for a peerage or big lobbying firms writing policy by the back door.

We don’t have millionaire donors. That’s why we need your support to make this happen. Politicians should be working for the public, not the highest bidder. Please donate to end the influence of big money.



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