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Donations help bring Fairtrade to those who need a fairer deal.

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‘When we began growing bananas, it was tough. Before Fairtrade, there were days we only had one meal a day.

‘Since we joined Fairtrade, everything has changed. We have all of our daily meals. All we have accomplished, it’s thanks to Fairtrade.’

Julio Cantillo, Banana Farmer, Colombia

We believe in a future where trade works to the benefit of all.

There are millions of farmers and workers who grow the food we eat yet don’t earn enough to feed their own families. Being able to send their children to school and pay their medical bills is often out of the question. Their income is often precarious, their working conditions poor and their futures uncertain.

We don’t think this is right. We know Fairtrade can change this.

Fairtrade enables farmers and workers to receive a fairer deal. This means more money to feed their families, more money for education, more money to access health services, and the opportunity for a decent future. A donation today will help bring Fairtrade to more farmers like Julio.

You can help us build a fairer future. Please donate today.

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