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Rahel Mhabuka

‘Fairtrade has helped the workers a lot because now they can take their kids to school, even the society around can take their kids to school. Money from the Fairtrade Premium was spent on the construction of Lihogosa Primary School.’

Rahel Mhabuka, tea plucker, Tanzania

Before Fairtrade, Rahel could not send her children to school. Now, thanks to the Fairtrade Premium, Rahel receives bursary payments to help with school fees. One of her children studies at the Lihogosa Primary School which was constructed with Premium funds. Fairtrade has changed the lives of Rahel and her family.

There are many more like Rahel who urgently need a fairer deal.

A regular donation will help Fairtrade to reach more farmers and workers.

Regular donations are more cost effective as they generate less administration and carry cheaper bank charges. They enable us to plan for the future and ensure money is available where it is needed most.

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