Keep the medium and the message Canadian.

For 33 years, FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting has spoken up for Canadian stories and voices. We are a Canada-wide, non-partisan, independent watchdog group that fights for a place for the Canadian narrative on our airwaves and works to safeguard public broadcasting. We know the only way to keep Canada independent is to ensure shelf space for Canada and its stories on radio, television and online – and to establish an autonomous and well-funded public broadcaster. Your support for our work makes this happen.

Canadian content matters

Canadian identity depends on connecting with one another, sharing our stories, giving voice to our thoughts, and growing our dreams. We cannot rely on good intentions from broadcasters. We need public policy with Canadian content requirements to maintain and build a distinct identity on the northern half of the North American continent.

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“The mind supplies the idea of a nation, but what gives this idea its sentimental force is a community of dreams.”
— André Malraux

Be a voice for Canada

  • Stand on guard with us as we speak to parliament and the CRTC for more and better Canadian content, and track changes to government policy regarding public broadcasting and Canadian content requirements for public and private broadcasters.

  • Help us fortify public broadcasting by fighting for a strong CBC, one with healthy funding, arm’s-length governance and independent editorial decision-making, while also supporting community and provincial public broadcasters.

  • Join us as we stand up to huge media distributors, such as Bell, Rogers and Shaw, that dominate the Canadian communications landscape while contributing little to producing Canadian programming.

  • Work with us to level the playing field, ensuring Canadian programs can compete effectively with non-Canadian content offered by unregulated foreign online services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and others.

Please donate now to keep our airwaves strong, free and Canadian.

What your support makes possible

  • 82briefs to the CRTC on policy and licensing issues and regular appearances before House of Commons and Senate committees

  • 33 public opinion surveys commissioned on broadcasting and cultural sovereignty

  • 25newspaper ads, dozens of television and social media campaigns to educate and mobilize the public in support of Canadian content and public broadcasting

  • 364,000members of FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting, defending Canadian content on radio, television and online

How we use your funds

We are non-profit and voluntary, relying entirely upon the support of people such as you to continue our work as we stand up for Canada and public broadcasting. FRIENDS does not accept donations from broadcasters, governments or political parties.

Keep our channels tuned to Canada. Donate now.

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