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Help people with vision loss see a future again.

Like a wall suddenly appearing before you, experiencing vision loss can be jarring, overwhelming, isolating. You fear losing your independence or never seeing the faces of your loved ones again. Your very future seems to have disappeared.

But then we come in. You and CNIB.

Together, we help people not only cope after they lose their sight, but even thrive. And day by day, they start to see a future they may have thought was lost forever. Give with vision. Donate now.

How your support helps

Your gift today will provide the real skills and compassionate support people need to move forward and regain a life worth living after vision loss.

It will help them overcome the depression and grief that can accompany losing one’s sight. It will connect them with people and programs that help restore dignity and hope.

Most amazing of all, your gift will help us bring all this to any Canadian who is blind or partially sighted at absolutely no cost to them. That’s what your gift will do.

120,000 new pages of braille materials created every year.

Every year, CNIB helps more than 10,000 children & youth build their daily living skills, improve their confidence and overcome the challenges of growing up without vision.