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Project AWARE is an accredited global charity with offices in the US, United Kingdom and Australia with a mission to drive local action for global ocean conservation. The foundation relies on individual donors like you to achieve balance between humanity and the ocean. The foundation’s work addresses the greatest threats facing the ocean. Those threats are grounded in sound science and link community action to policy change to prevent ongoing environmental emergencies.

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Meet our Monthly Donors

For me, as a diver and as a person, it is very important and a privilege to collaborate and be part of Project AWARE to conserve and protect marine life. It is part of us, our nature and what we are. Since we are responsible for its destruction. I am proud to do my part in trying to save what others are bent on destroying. Thanks to this great team that works to perserve the ocean and everything lives within.

Beatriz - Spain

Giving back is important to me. Our planet provides so many endless adventures and amazing wildlife, I want to do my part and protect it. Becoming a Project AWARE Monthly Donor is an easy decision as my support fuels grassroots activities and policy change necessary to ensure a clean, healthy ocean planet.

Kimberly - USA

Our world is called the blue planet for a reason. All life began in the oceans and they still host the majority of life today. But this diverse ecosystem is threatened more and more every day by pollution and debris. As a diver I am privileged to see the wonders underwater and I feel responsible to help save our oceans and all its inhabitants for future generations and for the future of our planet.

Alexander - Switzerland