Take action against “neonic” insecticides – shown repeatedly to be incredibly harmful to birds and pollinators. Eating even a few seeds coated with neonics can make birds incredibly sick, interfering with reproduction and navigation, and even lead to death. And the lack of insects, which is a major food source, has impacted birds like the Purple Martin and other Swallows.

We need urgent action to defend our declining bird and bee populations.

A generous gift today will:

  • Defend birds and other pollinators from the harmful effects of neonics;
  • ◊ Protect Bobolink, Barn Swallows and their threatened habitat from this pollution; and
  • ◊ Save fresh fruits and vegetables for future generations by protecting pollinators today!

If enough of us take action, we can ensure Canada catches up to other countries to protect our birds and bees from harmful chemicals.

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