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Project AWARE is a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers. We take action to create both local and global change for the ocean and the communities who depend on it. Our local actions collectively protect the most vulnerable marine sprecies and decrease pollution. We work together for a clean and healthy ocean.

Our 26 Years of Impact


1 Million+

Pieces of trash

Removed 1 million+ pieces of trash (over 64% plastic) from the ocean through Dive Against Debris®



Rallied 120K+ divers to bring historic protections to 11 shark and ray species



Supported the conservation actions of  a 800K+ strong AWARE community of adventurers around the world


Dive Sites

Adopted 300+ dive sites for citizen science, with 6K+ divers taking action in 70 countries worldwide

How we spend your donation

We are only able to advance the conservation impacts above because of critical donors like you. The 100% AWARE program contributes to 17% of our annual funds and is invested in this way:

Shark & Ray Conservation
Marine Debris Solutions
Ocean Protection
Global Operations

Meet our 100% AWARE Partners

This is where I make my personal stand. Project AWARE cares about what I care about, so by becoming a 100% AWARE Partner my contributions become part of something much bigger and more meaningful than I could hope to accomplish myself.

Curtis Snaper - Course Director

When working in Malaysia, I was passionate about protecting my dive sites. When I returned to the UK to set up The Fifth Point Diving Centre, I knew I had to bring that passion home with me. We encourage our divers to develop their buoyancy, and not to take or touch – unless it’s litter of course!

Nic Emery - The Fifth Point Diving Centre

Since becoming a 100% AWARE partner, Dive Bus PADI dive course graduates receive special versions of their cert cards and Project AWARE info. This reinforces the messages and actions from when they were diving with us, and hopefully influences them to continue taking care of our reefs and keep them trash-free, wherever in the world their next dive adventures take them.

Zoe Osbourn - The Dive Bus Curacao