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The Oliver Hill Mentoring Program

The Oliver Hill Mentoring Program is a partnership between Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Virginia and Roanoke City Public Schools. The program takes place inside Oliver Hill's childhood home and every day Little Brothers and Little Sisters in our program are brought to the house after school to engage in academic enrichment and fun, educational fieldtrips. At 5:00PM the mood changes to that of anticipation as the Littles wait for their Bigs to arrive. Each one of our Littles have their own Big who takes time out of their week, every week, to spend time with them and help them grow. They see the potential within their Little and will do whatever it takes to ignite that potential and allow their Little to grow into the strong, successfull, empowered selves that they know they can be!

We collect data on our Littles as they go throughout their match with their Bigs and that lets us know how well our programs are performing.

In 2018, 69% of our Littles showed improved social acceptance, 74% increased their scholastic competency, 64% reported improved grades, 76% had an increase in parental trust, 86% reported a decrease in risky behaviors like drugs, alcohol, etc., and 100% of them avoided any involvment with the Juvenile Justice System.

This program works, and we need your help to continue it! In honor of Black History Month and the legacy of the great Oliver White Hill, would you consider donating to help change the lives of children in our community for the better, forever?

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