Protect Maryland Educators: Support HB 1322


There have been too many reports of school districts failing or unwilling to provide remote work options to the extent practicable as a reasonable accommodation for educators seeking to protect their safety and their families due to an underlying medical issue.

Legislators have heard these reports too—and have filed legislation to do something about it. On March 17, the House of Delegates overwhelmingly passed the bill. Now we need the Senate to pass the bill as well!

House Bill 1322 would:

  • Prevent retaliation against educators who are 65 or older, have an underlying medical condition identified by the CDC as putting them at greater risk from coronavirus (or who live in a household with, or are the primary caretaker for, an individual who meets either of those conditions), have not yet been vaccinated, and who choose not to return to in-person instruction.
  • Permit those who have not received the full course of vaccination for the coronavirus the opportunity to seek remote work if practicable.
  • Prevent the suspension or revocation of certifications should an educator choose not to instruct in-person during the 2020-21 school year.

At-risk educators and their families need this bill to pass! Please take a moment to fill out the form below and urge your legislators to support this bill.