Plant a seed in the Garden of Connection today!

Community Food Centres are a place for people to gather around food, find connection and feel a sense of belonging and friendship!

Donate Today!

Your $30 plants a Seed of Knowledge
You can support a healthy cooking session for seniors

Your $50 plants a Seed of Hope
You can provide fresh fruits and vegetables for a family

Your $75 plants a Seed of Imagination
You can teach food literacy to kids

Your $100 plants a Seed of Change
You can plant a garden in a low-income community

Your $150 plants a Seed of Justice
You can fund advocacy to advance food security with governments

Your $200 plants a Seed of Trust
You can nuture a new Community Food Centre in a low-income community

Choose a seed that means something to you! And please know that any donation you make will help low-income communities access good food, and you will support vibrant community spaces that promise a better tomorrow.