This year, your donation will provide:

Community Grants - 24% of our budget goes directly to local community projects with a goal of $1 million in funding by 2024.

In-Country Campaigns – we are fighting to stop marine debris, establish Marine Protected Areas and protect vulnerable shark populations in critical regions around the world.

Marine Protected Areas – this World Ocean’s Day, we are launching the largest network of dive sites that can be activated for ocean conservation.

Ocean Conservation Education – we will release three courses on the greatest threats facing the ocean planet and how to take action to protect it.

Global Shark Census – we are building the largest underwater citizen science program for monitoring and protecting shark populations.

PADI AWARE Foundation a publicly funded, global non-profit. 
We are reviewed annually by third-party auditors in all charities to
provide transparency that every donation you
 make goes directly
to ocean conservation. Graph right shows the breakdown of how 
we allocate our donations. 


PADI AWARE® Foundation donations are 100% tax-deductible where allowed by law. 
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